Skull and Shackles 5E

The Toils at Sea

Day 4 continued:
Post the rat attack the PCs are given the day off.
Callus, Saphyra and Diego all go drinking with Fishguts
Caelynn searched the bilges for any additional trinkets
Zaheer hung out on deck, letting vengeance (most likely)

Night of Day 4
Callus, Zaheer and Saphyra convinced Groh to return more of their items
Caelynn went thieving in the officer’s quarters: got some gold, a rabbits foot and a dagger. Someone (Kipper) noticed that there was a sulking about.
Mischa has a talk with Patchman.
Diego spins a rousing story for the crew.

Day 5 – Back into the swing of things
Callus goes turtle hunting, successfully
Saphyra is assigned to repairs
Caelynn and Diego swab the decks
Mischa – Hauls rope and ties some knots
Zaheer works on the upper rigging

Evening of Day 5
Zaheer is pitted against owlbear in a friendly pirate fight of fisticuffs. In which owlbear is beaten senseless by the Paladin, Saphyra is caught trying to magic up Zaheer and is assigned a beating for doing so. Zaheer is also punished for backtalk.
Caelynn sneaks away to try and rob the captain’s quarters, but is thwarted by her old nemesis, locks.
Mischa talks with Peppery Longfarthing
Callus has a drink
Caelynn returns the rabbits foot in a different footlocker while Diego provides lookout.
Zaheer and Saphyra take the night off to recover from their beatings

Day 6 – It’s Raining
Mischa and Saphyra are assigned to swab the decks to that old sea shanty, It’s Raining Men
Zaheer is assigned to work the upper rigging again as he did so well the previous day.
Callus, is assigned to help with dinner but unfortunately Fishguts ineptitude causes them both to be beaten during the bloody hour.
Caleynn and Diego are assigned to various repair jobs that are needed on the ship.

Evening of Day 6
Mischa talks to Caulky.
Zaheer and Mischa take some time to make Krab balls for owlbear as a peace offering to the man. The attempt is partially successful as the balls lack the crunch expected from crab.
Caelynn and Diego attempt to plant the rabbits foot again, this time they are successful.
Callus keeps drinking.

Day 7 – Working in the rain
Caelynn, Diego and Saphyra much catch rats
Callus catches turtles and Fishguts can’t cook.
Mischa must man the bilges
Zaheer man’s the rigging

Evening of Day 7
Mischa talks to Plugg
Diego talks to Rabies Krine

Day 8 – The storm
Mischa is assigned to lookout
Callus fails raising and lowering the mainsail
Caelynn fails at rigging works
Zaheer does rigging work
Saphyra does rigging repair
Grok goes overboard

Day 9 – It’s a little less stormy out here
The same as Day 8
Mischa talks to Caulky and is successful in seducing the girl and she promises to spend the night with Mischa soon.
Callus drinks
Zaheer drinks
Saphyra commanders the kitchen and makes a meal better than Callus and Kroop have done for the previous couple of days; and Callus tosses it before anyone else can get a taste.
Caelynn and Diego sleep off their hard couple of days.

Day 10 – Back to Normal
Callus goes fishing and fails. Must man the bilges as punishment, got bitten by a spider.
Mischa hauls rope
Zaheer was assigned as lookout and was told to shutup
Saphyra was a runner, shirks her duty to help as the cook’s mate
Caelynn hauled ropes, fails was punished by beatings and became fatigued.
Diego is assigned repair work

Evening of Day 10
Mischa talks to Caulky and seduces
Callus talks to Sandra Quinn
Zaheer, Saphyra and Caelynn go to sleep
Diego talks to Grok

Day 11 – Gone Crabbing
Mischa swabs
Callus mans the bilges
Zaheer goes on lookout
Saphyra is assigned repairs
Caelynn catches rats
Diego is assigned a runner

Everyone goes crabbing, Callus almost dies and Mischa summons tentacles.
Zaheer and Mischa give a crab to Owlbear.



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