The PCs came to Port Peril to become pirates, to earn fortunes, to be adored by men and women, and live lives of fame—or perhaps infamy—at sea. They could be scurvy knaves who would slit a throat without a second’s thought, or they might be dandy swashbucklers with hearts of gold in search of fame and glory on the high seas. Whatever course they choose, piracy should be in their blood. This doesn’t mean the players can’t play good characters, but they should be scoundrels, more interested in plunder and high-seas adventure than heroics and saving the world.

  • Character Generation will use the 5E point buy method with 27 points. This means that everyone will be on a level playing field in terms of making characters. There are number of calculators online that can help. Such as this one. The max in any one stat is 15 before racial modifiers without GM permission. A full list of of possible combinations is listed here: Possible Point Buy Combinations
  • Everyone gets a campaign Trait for free
  • Make a list of all the equipment received at chargen, for non important reasons.

Other Rules

  • Feats – Yes
  • Variant Human – Yes (you get this one or the other one, not both)
  • Subraces – Yes
  • Tieflings, Aasimer, Dragonborn, Warforged, Goblins – yes (others ones might be too, ask)


Skull and Shackles 5E Not_Applicable