Skull and Shackles 5E

A Rude Awakening

The first days on the Wormwood

Quick Note, I’m still writing this. I just wanted to get the main points down before I forget them.

Day 1:
PCs were chained in the bilge. Master Scourge and 4 pirates summoned the new “recruits” to meet the captain. All decided to join up on deck except for, Zaheer. Unfortunately this was the wrong answer and he was soundly beaten and dragged up to the main deck. On deck Captain Harrigton introduced himself and welcomed the new “volunteers”, during which Diago felt he needed to add some more flavor to the captain’s speech. The captain thanked him with a solid blow upside the head which left the man dazed and on the ground. The Captain then left them in the tender mercies of Mr. Plugg to introduce them to their new duties. Mr. Plugg had some tests for the new arrivals, specifically a test to see who would make good riggers. Luckily Zaheer had been roused for the Captain’s speech and was able to speedily climbed to crow’s nest beating out, Caelynn and Sariel; this promoted him to the ranks of the riggers. After a quick volunteer action from Callus as the Cook’s Mate, everyone else was made swabs. Misha gets really involved in the assigned duties. Magpie gets Keelhauled. Turtle soup was a disaster, Fishguts and Callus get beaten with knotted ropes. The “Pet” is seen for the first time. Evening: Sariel snuck around looking for a weapon (found a rusty dagger)

Day 2:
Jape was killed in an altercation (Saphyra did it), Zaheer was thrown in the sweatbox

Day: Callus got drunk with Fishguts, gets the poison speach
Bloody Hour: Caelynn 10 lashes for fighting and Diago 20 lashes, fighting and “cooling” Sean
Evening: Caelynn poked around the galley, found things and took silver and a dagger, The gang talks things out
Night: Caelynn and Sariel snoop around on the mid deck.

Day 3:
Misha befriends Grok, talks to Caulky, and tries to make friends with the stitchman
Callus talks with Fishguts
Diago gets snoo, snoo
Night: Caelynn gets caught sneaking around, goes to bathroom. Sariel gets to the captain’s cabin and finds it locked.

Day 4: Rats!
The PCs get attacked by big rats


I think I speak for all of us when I say that while it’s good to be out of irons, mostly I was looking forward to seeing Diego Unchained.

A Rude Awakening

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