Dread Captain Mischa

Alluring, Gregarious Ne'er-Do-Well, Captain of 'The Man's Promise'


Mischa is clearly a tiefling, with blue-black hair and skin the color of pale violet, wholly black eyes, small fangs, petite but unmistakable horns jutting from the hairline above each brow, and a long, whiplike tail ending in a snarl of ragged fur. What is less clear is whether the attractive, elfin figure is a boy, girl, something else entirely, or both. Mischa goes to considerable lengths to further obfuscate the matter, frequently wearing makeup, revealing clothing, and using both masculine and feminine pronouns when referring to him/herself.

Mischa is especially amicable, courteous, helpful, and kind to everyone and seems to be set on making friends with everyone s/he meets. S/he is fun-loving, empathetic, and always does his/her best to ensure that everyone is having a good time, but has a crass and sometimes cutting sense of humor, as well, and doesn’t often let a potentially bruised friendship get in the way of a good joke.

In terms of dress, Mischa is seen in a variety of different clothes, and just as often wears clothing that is masculine or feminine, formal or provocative. S/he seems to enjoy drawing attention with his/her choice of dress and likes to accessorize with a wide array of jewelry, hats, scarves, tools, cloaks, belts, pouches, sporrans, shoes, socks, hair styles, or whatever else s/he deems necessary to “complete my look”.

His/her accouterments seem to indicate that s/he is a spellcaster of some kind, though what kind, exactly, nobody can say. Despite being able to cast spells, Mischa owns a set of simple leather armor, dyed black and inlaid with silver, and while s/he carries an alley piece on his/her hip, nobody has ever seen him/her actually use it.


Mischa isn’t forthcoming about his/her past, but details will be added here if and when they are developed.

Thus far, Mischa has distinguished his/herself by being perversely cheerful about the group’s collective indentured servitude. Claiming that s/he had no real direction when s/he arrived at Port Peril in the first place, s/he seems to take the unpleasantness of the current experience as a test of character and of resourcefulness and an opportunity to prove that s/he can come out on top no matter what life throws at him/her. Pleasant and friendly to the point that s/he has made his/her brutal overseers on the ship skeptical of his/her motivations, Mischa nevertheless has proven an enthusiastic participant in all of the ship’s activities and distinguished his/herself in the raid of the merchant ship The Man’s Promise, in which s/he aided significantly in securing the ship’s sterncastle and preventing escape, and even shot down a sailor who had it in mind to harm The Wormwood‘s captain. Mischa has befriended as much of the ship’s crew as seems possible and has situationally begun paying homage to Besmara, the Pirate Goddess, observing that it seemed wise to honor the goddess of pirates for as long as s/he was going to be one.

Once the Captain of The Wormwood, Captain Barnabas, decided to send off the captured vessel The Man’s Promise with his First Mate and Boatswain, it wasn’t long before the comparatively even harsher treatment on board this new vessel precipitated an outright mutiny, launched during the Bloody Hour by a disgruntled Diego. Once all hands loyal to The Wormwood‘s old masters were dispatched, an informal vote was held for the ship’s roles, and Mischa was voted captain. It was decided they would travel on to ‘Rickety Squib’s’, a secretive port where the features of The Man’s Promise could be altered to make it unrecognizable.

Dread Captain Mischa

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